My New Snapshot Taker

Wow! Am I ever a bad photographer! I mean, horrid! Really bad!

I finally got a digital camera, since the ex-wife kept the “joint” digital camera we had. Oh, I can’t really complain about that, seeing as how it was a gift from her daddy and all. But really, it’s amazing how much stuff ended up in her hands. But I wasn’t waxing bitter about my divorce, no sir! I was telling you about my camera!

It’s a DSC-P93. Here’s Sony’s Buy Me Buy Me info site.

But really, I was talking about what a horrible photographer I am. I always thought that the art of photography was basically pretty simple. To get really good pictures, you had spend lots of money and understand how to work all this expensive equipment you just bought. But really almost anybody could do it. I just figured that point-and-shoot pictures are never that good because it’s all automated and the algorithms to make everything work really aren’t that great.

Well, it turns out that I’m wrong. Fancy that. Me! Wrong! Pah! Yeah, seems to be true though. See — my camera is actually pretty good about doing mostly the right thing in most circumstances. I just don’t know what I’m doing with it!

My friend Leigh,
though, is actually a pretty good photographer. So, right after getting my fancy little camera (which I’ve named Clopson) I had a little dinner party and invited a few people over. Among the people were this adorable little family, and Leigh, of course. (It’s from “cyclops” and “sony” if you really must know — now pay attention!) At one point I tried to take a picture of this cute little family because they were all bunched up and looking… yeah, cute. I took a couple shots of them then handed the camera to Leigh while I ran off and did something else. And she took a single shot of them.

I was reviewing the pictures the next day. My shots all sucked. Her one shot was fanfuggingtastic. Same camera, same point of view, same lighting. I’ll add the pics in here when I get a chance.

So… I apparently have a lot to learn about taking decent pictures. Yap.

. Topher

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