Month: November 2004

The Day of Arg!

The wind was blowing a cold wind even though the day was sunny and clear. That wind leached away any hope of warmth from my bald and bare head. I hustled out to my truck, to the cab… Read More

Ein Sof

My current understanding of the nature of God is that he* is an entity outside of this universe in which I exist and by which my comprehension is contained. There are a whole slew of implications in this,… Read More

The Swirling Mist With the Hat

When I was a teenager, I went to a weekend retreat thingy at a place called Springs of Living Water at Richardson Springs. Or something like that. It’s part of YWAM now. Go Loren. Yeah, anyhow… The cabin… Read More

La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha

So there I was, riding my trusty steed in to work. I was only a few blocks from my house when I pulled up behind an old custom van. You know the kind I mean? With mini-blinds in… Read More

Five Pennies?

Ight. So a little foundation. I grew up in a pentecostal Christian church. I know, I know, what the hell does that mean?! The Pentecost was an event that happened shortly after the crucifixion and ressurection of the… Read More

But You Never Post

I decided last week that I need an X-Box. Yes, I said, “Need.” Truly! See, I was planning to use a Linux-based MythTV box as my PVR, juke-box, and all-around house system. But see… that plan isn’t working… Read More

The Hunt for Blue February? Wazzat?

Over the years I have often been asked about my beliefs. Why? Well, apparently I seem a bit of an enigma to some people. I’m not. I’m actually very open with just about everything. Perhaps they think this… Read More

Where Did You Learn The Word Orgy?

I was young very young the first time I heard the word Orgy. I don’t remember how young, but prolly around 4 or 5 years old. I was in church at the time. Through some odd fluke of… Read More