But You Never Post

I decided last week that I need an X-Box. Yes, I said, “Need.” Truly!

See, I was planning to use a Linux-based MythTV box as my PVR, juke-box, and all-around house system. But see… that plan isn’t working out so well.

  • Building that box has turned out to be rather expensive. And getting all the hardware working together is a rather large project, even with the leaps and bounds the Linux community have made in making stuff Just Work over the past few years.
  • I don’t have a video feed (cable or dish), and am really not intending to get one at this point. I can get everything I want to see on DVD, either renting or buying, and even buying them it’s cheaper than getting a dish or cable.
  • The game support for my MythTV box will always be lacking, and that’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

So… I need an X-Box. I hate Microsoft. But I need an X-Box.

Oh! And I started a new blog to talk about beliefs. It’s the Hunt for Blue February. I don’t expect to be able to have any more time to write in that one than I do in this one… but I din’t want to muddle this light-hearted little ditty with such heavy subjects.

. Topher

[Note: Hunt for Blue February has since been merged with this blog.]

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