Ein Sof

My current understanding of the nature of God is that he* is an entity outside of this universe in which I exist and by which my comprehension is contained. There are a whole slew of implications in this, and I will talk about some of them in future entries. (Specifically I’m looking forward to talking about implications of timeliness and spacial bounds, implications of manifestations and their inherent restrictions, and implications of vested powers. Oooo!)

My vision of God at this point is very close to the Kabbalistic concept of Ein Sof. Well, ok, my understanding of the Kabbalistic concept of Ein Sof. I admit that I’m not Jewish in any way, shape, or form… as long as you ignore my nose, that is… so my understanding is likely to be warped by my pervasive Pentecostal upbringing, but nevermind that. There are 2 specific aspects that I cling to:

  1. The Constant Creation of God: God’s interaction with his creation, this universe, is continuous and constant. None of these words are accurate, but they all apply: power, spirit, essense, breath, force. So, I’ll make up a word: sbefp. His spefb is constantly being added, injected, inserted to the universe, and is continuously manifesting, in some form or another. Again, there’re a whole slew of implications here. Or maybe a slaw.
  2. The Transcendence of God: God, by virtue of his constant influential sbefp, God is an underlying presence in everything in and of this universe. That includes me and you (whether you think so or not), my stinky farting dog, the rocks in the back yard, this half-dilapitated apartment with the beautiful hardwood floors that I’m sitting in right now, the ancient lode-stone I’m typing all this on, the sun, the moon, and the attractive-repulsive forces that keep them dancing around in space… everything in and of this universe.

And for some reason, the vision of a mist with a white fedora-style hat still persists in my head.

. Topher


* I always refer to God as a he because it is the default pronoun in English for a person whose sex is unknown or undeterminable. I have tried using the word it instead, but I somehow find that distasteful. After all, I would be offended if I wrote a computer program who referred to me as an it.

I capitalize God because I use it as a name. I don’t capitalize pronouns referring to God because I have never found any reason to do such a silly thing.

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