Month: January 2005

Jalan Petaling

One evening Serene took me to Petaling Street. I only took one picture before I actually got there. I was concerned for the wholistic well-being of my camera. Petaling Street is a street market. The side streets are… Read More

Water Maker

When I read on the Malaysian advisory website that you had to boil all your water before you could drink it, I had a nightmarish vision of laboring to lug around these big huge unwieldy pots of water,… Read More

A Hose?!

My first trip to a bathroom in Malaysia was a bit of an education for me. It was a public stall. It was an enclosed room (not like our flimsy “cubical” stalls in the States). There was water… Read More


One of the first things I noticed about Malaysia when I got here was that the drivers here seem to have a very different understanding of what a lane is. In the US, a lane is a rule;… Read More

I Ate What?!

“Do you like the broccoli?” “Yeah. It’s yummy! This creamy sauce is really good.” “Do you know what those red dots are?” “No, what?” “Fish roe.”

Getting There

I get very anxious on planes. I don’t like flying. It stresses me out, then it makes my stomach flip-flop all over the place, then it makes me feel queesy. It’s not fun for me. The flight time… Read More

Malaysia, Baybee

Yeap! I’m in Malaysia! Woohoo! I’ve been trying to find time to post about it, but I’m way too busy working and playing. So, here’s just a quick blurb of my plans (some past, some present, some future;… Read More

The Beauty and the Stink

I posted this on the MySpace blog a long time ago. And it still makes me laugh my ass off. So now I’m propagating it here! She commanded my attention as soon as she walked into the room…. Read More

The Hunt for Truth

The thing is, there’s a lot of truth out there. It’s everywhere. It’s at the grocery store and the gas station, it’s out in the redwood forests and mountain prairies, it’s in the music in your car and… Read More

An Example of Gravity

You know something I really hate? When I’m standing in a public restroom, doing business with a urinal, mid-transaction, and my pants start falling down. Grrrr. . Topher