Month: February 2005

Ipoh (Part 3)

We went and crawled around in some caves just outside of Ipoh. As we walked up to the caves, the tour guide guy gestured towards me and said to my companions, “I don’t speak English, so you have… Read More

Ipoh (Part 2) Revisited

It has been mentioned to me that my recent posts have not been as entertaining as my earlier posts. Yeah, I know. I’ll endeavor to imbue a significant amount of condensed entertainment into my future posts… HOWEVER —… Read More


Do you burp after lunch? Of course you do. I don’t mean big loud obnoxious blats, or reciting poetry in a burping rumble, or anything like that (though I’m not exclusing it either). I just mean: ope, got… Read More

Ipoh (Part 2)

It rained in Ipoh. No, no, no… I mean it RAINED in Ipoh. We were standing there sweating in the heat. It started raining. “Bah!” I said, “It’s just rain. I’ve seen rain.” 15 minutes later the waters… Read More

Ipoh (Part 1)

My first weekend side-trip was to Ipoh. Ipoh is a smallish town north of Kuala Lumpur by about two hours. Three of us drove up on Saturday morning. Since this was my first trip out of the city,… Read More