Month: March 2006

The Dog in the Bay

There we were strolling along the bay at Seal Point Park. There was a couple down by the water with their 2 black labrador retrievers. The man was throwing a big honking stick out into the bay, and… Read More


We had just finished polishing off a stir-fry dish with some rice. We have rice a lot these days. I guess that happens when you live with an Asian woman. “Is there any more rice?” I asked hopefully…. Read More

The Bondage of Thought

I ran across this phrase in a book the other day: The funniest thing about time is when it doesn’t. I must have re-read that line 20 times. It’s on of those linguistical twists which feel good to… Read More

So Much So Much — The Recap

Oy! So much has happened! Of course, it’s been so long, so I guess that’s only to be expected. Ok, so a quick synopsis: I moved to Malaysia. (Actually, all yall should already know this since I was… Read More