Month: May 2006

Smile :) part six: Toothy Dating

Again, the most consistent advice given by guys who are good with women to guys who aren’t: relax and smile. Oh, but what’s more: make her smile. Don Diebel, publisher of a self-proclaiming newletter on dating, says, “Single… Read More

I almost stepped on a hummingbird!

I was just walking around the building in which I work. It’s something I do sometimes on nice days to keep my brain from getting too irradiated from the 3 monitors which bombard it with all those speeding… Read More

Smile :) part five: Smiling for Profit

The most consistent advice given by self-help professionals around the world on how to interact with other people in any given situation is to smile. A great quote by Henry Miller: When you speak to people — smile…. Read More

Smile :) part four: Pictures Don’t Lie

Say, “Cheeeeeeeeze.” Yes, it’s true! You can be more photogenic just by smiling. Look at this: Now look at this: I think the evidence speaks for itself on this one.

The Ghost In The Men’s Room

The building in which I work has all automatic bathrooms. Like at the airport. You walk up to the toilet, do your thing and walk away. It flushes after you. You walk up to the sink, wave your… Read More

Smile :) part three: Sing-along

Alright, so enough with my antics already. Let’s get down to business. I think you’ve already figured out what I’m trying to say, “Smile.” The defiant among you might respond with a flippant, “Why should I?” I could… Read More