Month: June 2006


So, Leigh had an “Oh My God I Get To Go To Singapore For A Whole Month” party a few weeks back. As usual, she was in hot pursuit of jumping pictures of all sorts. She’s there now…. Read More

This Honky White Boy

I often refer to myself as a “Honky White Boy.” Thus, my ass is, quite understandably, often quipped as my “Honky White Ass.” I attribute my fond embracement of my Honkiness to my father. See, my dad was… Read More

Smile :) Summarized

Alright. Enough of my babbling. The short of this whole smile business: The single, most impactful, most significant thing you can do to make you a better person is to smile. Smile to be pretty, smile to be… Read More

Smile :) part seven: Live

They say laughter is the best medicine. Well it may not be the best, we have some pretty good stuff these days, but still. Did you know that laughter actually boosts the human immune system? After exposure to… Read More

How To Be A Sexy Man

Gentlemen, I’ve learned a secret. Not just any secret. I’ve learned a secret that gets girls HOT. There’s no ingestion of any pharmaceuticals of any sort involved here and no shrubberies, herberies or highly concentrated powders. It has… Read More