Month: July 2006

Angel’s Camp

A few weeks back we wandered up to Calevaras County with my parents. We stayed in a nice little time-share condo in Angel’s Camp. It was pretty nice, that time-share thingy. Better than I expected anyhow. Samual Clemens… Read More

“Video Games Ate My …”

Last weekend I accidentally gave a chubby Mexican kid who couldn’t put more than 2 words together at a time $10 in quarters to play a video game in a laundrymat because his curvaceous mom was wearing a… Read More

Whiteboards Whiteboards Everywhere But All “Do Not Erase”

Ight, this just kills me. Are you ready for this? Heh heh. Yeah, so, in this one building I frequent there is a conference room with a VLW (Very Large Whiteboard). On that whiteboard are all kinds of… Read More