Month: January 2010

Chinese New Year Cookie: Pineapple Tarts

I decided I want to make pineapple tarts this year. I have not gotten a chance to taste them since I came here over 4 years ago except last year when my mum flew here with a container… Read More

ABuddy: The Design Approach

After running version 1 of my ABuddy through a few test cycles, I figured there was enough potential to rework it into a more viable project.  I already had several improvements I wanted to make, and as I… Read More

A Jellybean with a Heartbeat

We just got back from the Doctor.  We officially have a jellybean with a heartbeat.

Ubuntu Karmic Sucks – Notification Tray Rant

For the first time in many years, the latest and greatest version of Ubuntu is actually worse than it’s predecessor.  I installed Karmic onto my Dell laptop over New Years weekend, and I was very disappointed. I have… Read More

A Walking Jack (Part 1)

Over the holidays I spent an afternoon trying to get Jack to walk. Jack, he’s the guy who is the main character in some little game I’m thinking to write up.  I scribbled up some animation frames of… Read More