Month: February 2010

Xenia: Parts Pix

I rather expected the new LiFePo batteries to be significantly smaller than the same capacity SLAs.  But they were only a little smaller. The charger, however, was significantly larger.  Heh heh. I didn’t expect the new Brushless motor… Read More

Xenia: Getting the Parts

It’s been a bit over two weeks now since I ordered all the parts for my 1300 watt stand-up scooter project. Most of the parts arrived within a few days of the initial order.  I have a nice… Read More

Drawing: Inner Discovery

I can’t draw.  But I can pretend, hey. My usual method of pretending is to find a picture I like, trace the key features, then shade it the way I like it.  Even with my cheating, it still… Read More

We Lost the Jellybean

We had our second ultrasound a few days ago.  We lost the baby. There were no warning signs.  Everything was looking good, no cramps or bleeding or anything.  But when the doctor did the ultrasound, the baby was… Read More

ABuddy: Architecture Diagram

I put together an architecture diagram to show the components, the data stores, and how they interact. There are 3 entry points, all along the top.  Two of them are launched by cron jobs, the last is launched… Read More

Xenia: 1300 Watt Stand-Up Scooter Project Kickoff

The Xenia project has been officially launched this weekend. Several months ago I picked up an old beat up and broken down X-Treme X-500 scooter.  It was in pretty bad shape.  The throttle had been smashed, the controller… Read More

Time, Memories, and the Immortal Spirit

I was laying awake way too early last Sunday morning.  Everything was still asleep, except me.  The worms, the morning birds, even the sun was still asleep.  My brain wandered around a bit as I lay there pretending… Read More

Ubuntu Karmic Sucks – Notification Tray Fix

A few days ago I bitched and moaned about Karmic coming with notification tray icons that make my computer look like a 1995 cell phone.  (Notification Tray Rant) Shortly after I posted that, I found a fix.  You… Read More