Month: September 2011

The Brick Hut: Interiors

Our new house is a new build.  Which means we get to pick and choose all the decoration options for it.  The kitchen countertops, the flooring, the cabinet wood, the paint colors, etc.  So many choices! Some choices… Read More

sam: Penney’s Game

Let’s write a quick little version of Penney’s Game using the clever little state machine engine, sam.  Penney’s Game is a fun little bar game you can con your friends into playing to get them to pay for… Read More

The Brick Hut

We bought a house! Gah, that’s such a scary thing to say.  But we did.  We bought a house.  Somehow, after escaping the gnawing jaws of the California economy with mere pennies to our names somebody agreed to… Read More

sam: A State Machine Engine

Sam is a Java state machine engine.  I know, it sounds redundant putting that word engine after the word machine.  What I mean is it’s an engine for driving state machines. I’m going to assume you know what… Read More

sam: The (somewhat boring) PreStory

Way back when, in the olden days, the early ought days, the days when the memories of a big technology bubble were still fresh in my mind, I was racking my brain for something COOL to do.  I… Read More