Month: November 2011

The Brick Hut: Roofs and Walls

The house is coming together so quickly.  This week they got the roof planks on and the outside walls lined.  They were just finishing putting the windows in when we stopped by. I love how the front is… Read More

The Brick Hut: I’ve Been Framed

Wow!  One week between the foundation being poured and the house being fully framed.  It’s so cool seeing it starting to take shape.  It’s tough to remember that we’re still four months away from move-in. And look at… Read More

A Little One: The Big 20 Week Ultrasound

We did our big 20 week ultrasound today. It sure is some shade of wonderful to see our little one for the first time. Up till now I’ve been putting my ear up to Serene’s belly to hear… Read More

The Brick Hut: Foundation

They poured the foundation this past week.  They filled in the foundation framing with a gritty sand, then dug trenches in what they had just filled in using a trench digger, then laid the main piping down, then… Read More