Month: December 2011

The Brick Hut: Bricks a’ Laying

They’ve managed to squeeze in some masonry and brick-laying in between all the bouts of rain we’ve been getting these past few weeks.  Between that, getting a round of inspections done for the wiring and piping, and getting… Read More

A Stroll at the Lake

We’re really loving living in Austin.  I do miss the big gorgeous redwoods of Northern California, and having mountains on the horizon.  But living in a city with a downtown built around a beautiful tranquil lake compensates quite… Read More

Troubleshooting Waffles: Why Are My Waffles Not Crispy?

Do your waffles suffer from SOG? Do they flop around like a limp wet noodle? Do your waffles lack that wonderful crisp outer shell? I love it when my waffles have a nice golden outer crispiness along with… Read More

The Brick Hut: Wiring and Piping

They got most of the roof in place pretty quickly after that last update.  We went and visited it during a little bout of rain and found it nice and dry inside.  Almost cozy.  I was thinking a… Read More