Month: January 2012

The Brick Hut: Tiles

Now that the outer shell of the house is pretty much nailed down, they’re been focusing on the innards.  The cabinets are all in, their respective countertops placed, and they got all the tile work done this past… Read More

A Little One: 3D Ultrasound at 28 Weeks

We went to a 3D ultrasound place this past week, ClearView Ultrasound in Austin. We were wondering if our Little One is going to have my Italian nose or Serene’s cute little Chinese nose. As we were sitting… Read More

The Brick Hut: The Outter Shell

The stone and brickwork has been finished.  It’s so beautiful!  Pics: I took another shot of the left side to better show the graduated stonework over the foundation. To recap: There’s a rule in the Circle C HOA… Read More