My DIY SUP Racks

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a lot of fun.  We really enjoy getting out on one of the nearby lakes whenever we can.  But the boards are BIG.  Up till now we’ve been storing our boards at a self-storage unit.

Since we recently moved into our own house with our own garage, I wanted to move them here.  It’s such a pain having to go to another facility to load the boards, then again to drop them off, every time we want to go out on the water.

Sad SUP Boards

I was hoping I could stand them up, since we have nice tall ceilings… but the boards are taller.  So I’ve been laying them down along the side, leaning them against the wall.

Besides being messy and ugly, it’s also bad for the boards because it’s easy to open the car door into them or step on them, and the wall because the boards keep bashing against it every time we use them.  All in all, Badness.

I found some wall racks online running about $60 per board, but they didn’t look very sturdy.  I found some DIY plans for wall-mount surfboard racks, but those didn’t look like they could handle the extra width and weight of a SUP board.

So, I daydreamed a bit, and stared at things around me, like the closet rail and some bookshelves in my office.  I came up with a plan.  So here’s what I did.

Here’s the recipe (yields a rack for 1 board).


Rack Parts
  • 2 heavy duty 20″ triangle brackets
  • 2 small 90 degree angle brackets
  • 2 10 3/4 bolts
  • 2 10 nuts
  • 6 10 washers
  • 2 90 degree angle 3/4″ pipe insulation foam
  • 1 6 foot straight pipe insulation foam
  • 4 80lb wall anchors
  • 1 7 foot long 1′ rubber shelf liner


Brackets Attached
  • Attach the angle brackets to the triangle brackets to form a lip.  The end of the angle bracket should point upward from the top of the triangle bracket. This will cradle the edge of the board.  Use 1 bolt and nut with 1 washer on the nut side.  (See the picture worth 1000 words to the right.)
  • Fit the 90 degree pipe foam over the angle bracket, and the straight pipe foam over the top arm of the triangle bracket.  Cut the straight foam as needed.

Foam Wrapped Foam Wrapped

  • Measure from the ground to the height you want the boards.  I put one board at 5 1/2 feet, and the other, staggered, at 3 1/2 feet.  Keep about 3 feet between the brackets.  Hold the brackets in place, use a vertical level to make sure they’re straight, and mark the holes with a pencil.
  • Sink the anchors at the holes you marked with your pencil.  Screw the triangle bracket to the anchors. I added a washer to better secure the bracket.

Sinking Anchors Brackets Attached

  • Measure about 12-15 inches above the attached brackets; mark it with a pencil.  Attach the shelf liner above the mark using a staple gun.

Attacking the Liner

Tada!  Done.  Plunk the boards up there, give a whoop and grab a beer.

SUP Racks! SUP Racks!

Aaah!  I’m quite happy with the results.  Makes me feel like a Maker.  Sorta.

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