A Little One: Stubborn, Lazy or Cautious?

This little baby is already a week late.  It’s hard waiting for him.  We’re ready to have our little boy in our arms now.

The nurses say the average for a first birth is 8 days late, so by that metric he’s right on time.

Serene has been having contractions every night, from 30 minutes apart to 8 minutes apart.  She hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a week.  After a week of these Braxton-Hicks contractions, we’re wondering if we’ll even recognize it when true labor starts.

There are all kinds of suggestions on the internet for how to encourage labor to start.  We’ve tried many of them, but some of them just seem too crazy to be real.  Drinking a glass of orange juice?  Really?  That just sounds coincidental to me.

Doctor Schmitz said if he goes over 2 weeks late they’ll induce, but she’d rather let him arrive in his own time.

One Comment on “A Little One: Stubborn, Lazy or Cautious?

  1. I was 11 days late with Hannah, and for the induction, my midwife planned to break my water. I did start labor on my own (albeit slow labor), but when I arrived for the “induction” all we did was to — you guessed it — break my water to get things moving. It did help to speed labor up, especially when I walked around the hospital.
    To get labor started, I think I ate 3 pineapples over the course of a week. But then, I like pineapple. I don’t think it actually helped, other than enjoying the pineapple.
    The baby will come. Hold out on an induction for as long as you’re able to – I went for the induction because I was too uncomfortable to do anything else. 🙂
    Good luck! We’re waiting with baited breath!

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