SUP Board Rack Refactoring

One of my Stand-Up Paddleboard racks ripped out of the garage wall a few days ago.  Only one of the four anchors ripped out, so thankfully the board didn’t fall onto the truck.

SUP Rack SUP Rack

That anchor was already a bit weak because I had accidentally pushed down on it once when I was moving the board around.  And none of these anchors were in studs.  I was using 60 lb wall anchors just in the sheetrock.  Really, when you consider that sheetrock is just a bunch of compressed gypsum sandwiched between heavy sheets of paper, it’s pretty amazing this thing held anything at all.  Then we had a few days of rain during the summer.  My guess is the warmth of the summer and moisture of the rain made for a nice humidity that softened the sheetrock just enough more for it to let loose.

Anyhow, so now on to the repair job.  Clearly this whole wall anchor thing isn’t a good idea for SUP boards.  So I decided to put 2×4 cross pieces between the beams and mount the rack struts to that.

I used a studfinder, then measured, then measured again.  Then I used a rotary tool to cut a line to where I thought the beams were.  And they were there.  So I traced the outline of the 2×4 pieces I had cut and used the rotary tool to cut out the sheetrock.

Ripping Into the Wall Board Slots

I predrilled, then used 2 1/2 inch wood screws to attach the 2x4s to the studs.  I stripped out a few of the wood screws in the process.  I guess my drill bit wasn’t long enough, so the screws bound a bit too tight.  They’re ugly and they’ll be hard to work with later if I ever have to do anything with them, but I got them all in.  To hide the ugly and the roughness of the wood, I folded pieces of rubberized shelf liner over the new cross-pieces.

Crosspieces Crosspieces Covered

Then I put the rack struts back on and plunked the board back on it.  It sticks out about an inch further than it did before.  It was already a tight fit getting the truck in without having the mirrors scrape the board, so now it’s going to be 1 inch tougher.  But it’s a way more solid rack now.

Newly Mounted Rack and Board

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