Thai Food vs Taiwanese Food

I overheard a conversation today at lunch between an Asian lady and her white guy friend. She was trying to explain to him that Thai food is not the same as Taiwanese food. And he just wasn’t getting it. “What’s the difference?” Welcome to Texas.

But it got me thinking about how I might quantify the differences between those two cuisines in a short yet concise manner so as not to add too much to the confusion of my fellow honky-tonk white folk.

Thailand is a tropical country, with access to rice and coconuts. So, the food is spicey and ricey, tempered with coconuts.

Taiwan is a disputed island of fiercely independent people constantly struggling to differentiate themselves from China.  So, the food is creatively twisted Chinese food.

Of course, a comprehensive analysis would undoubtedly reveal a plethora of subtleties and intricacies.  But, hey!  How about that pithy quip!

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