Category: ABuddy

ABuddy: Architecture Diagram

I put together an architecture diagram to show the components, the data stores, and how they interact. There are 3 entry points, all along the top.  Two of them are launched by cron jobs, the last is launched… Read More

ABuddy: The Design Approach

After running version 1 of my ABuddy through a few test cycles, I figured there was enough potential to rework it into a more viable project.  I already had several improvements I wanted to make, and as I… Read More

ABuddy: Version 1 Screen Shot

Here’s a screen shot of version 1 of my ABuddy. You can see a few symbols being highlighted in here.  In this case, the green ones are good performers, but maybe not good to invest in right now… Read More

ABuddy: The Experiment

I’ve tried playing with the stock market.  As a “busy person” it’s very difficult for me to keep up with what’s going on in the world.  The result: I lose.  I lose money, then I lose time trying… Read More