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The Nursery

We finally got Torino’s nursery decorated and set up, and Torino moved into it. We did a jungle theme.  We got lots of animal wall stickers and decals and wha-lah.  The Cornell grandparents sponsored about half of them,… Read More

Torino, The Level 1 Human

Serene’s brother sent us this epic baby onesie.  So it only made sense to pull out my good set of dice and a big hex map so we could throw him into a rambunctious campaign.  He loved it,… Read More

Torino’s Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa Cornell came all the way out to Austin, Texas from Santa Rosa, California just to meet their new little grandson, Torino. While they were here, my dad and I were talking about how to keep… Read More

Torino’s Debut

We booked a follow-up session with Christie Stockstill (who did our Pregnancy Session) for right after the baby was born to catch all his freshness and tinyness and adorableness. Again, Christie was just wonderful playing with us and… Read More

Legend of the Red Flowing Cloth

Our photographer, Christie Stockstill, had this fun idea to play with a long flowing red cloth in both the pregnancy session and the newborn session.  The sequence came out stunningly.

Poh Poh

A few days before Torino was due to be born Serene’s mom, Winnie, made the long and adventurous trip all the way from Malaysia.  And the adventure was on from the very start; due to flight delays and… Read More

Introducing Torino Lee ZiCornell

My baby son is born! Torino Lee ZiCornell Born 4 April, 2012 at 10:16 PM in Austin, TX Weight, 7 lbs 6.5 ozs; Height, 20 inches Momma and son had a hard time of it.  But to get… Read More

A Little One: Stubborn, Lazy or Cautious?

This little baby is already a week late.  It’s hard waiting for him.  We’re ready to have our little boy in our arms now. The nurses say the average for a first birth is 8 days late, so… Read More

A Little One: Already a Model

We found yet another excellent photographer, Christie Stockstill, to take some pictures of Little Momma Serene while she’s still pregnant with Little Lo. We had a great time with Christie, and she churned out a fantastic set of… Read More

A Little One: 3D Ultrasound at 28 Weeks

We went to a 3D ultrasound place this past week, ClearView Ultrasound in Austin. We were wondering if our Little One is going to have my Italian nose or Serene’s cute little Chinese nose. As we were sitting… Read More