Category: Java

Groovy Subclassing Hiccup

“Could not find matching constructor” instantiating inner Java class from Groovy I’m not sure if this is a bug or not.  Seems like it to me.  But there’s an easy work-around once you know what you’re dealing with…. Read More

Resolving servletContext.contextPath Expression in Spring 3.2

I ran into a painful thing with Spring 3.2 trying to reference the deployed servlet’s contextPath from within the web dispatch context.  I thought it would be good to write up my notes in case anybody else runs… Read More

Statics Are Not Evil

So there I was with my newly scribed utility class complete with a clever little static factory method to make sure it gets instantiated properly.  I was wanting to try to set up the unit tests using Mockito,… Read More

The Abomination of Anonymous Inner Classes

I have long held the opinion that the feature of anonymous inner classes in Java (and, truly, any language) are an abomination, an unnatural perversion having no place amongst all things Holy and True.  There are others who… Read More