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Some Time In Malaysia

A few of my coworkers have been complaining that I haven’t posted any pictures of our trip to Malaysia this year.  So, here y’all are.  Pics!

This Honky White Boy

I often refer to myself as a “Honky White Boy.” Thus, my ass is, quite understandably, often quipped as my “Honky White Ass.” I attribute my fond embracement of my Honkiness to my father. See, my dad was… Read More

So Much So Much — The Recap

Oy! So much has happened! Of course, it’s been so long, so I guess that’s only to be expected. Ok, so a quick synopsis: I moved to Malaysia. (Actually, all yall should already know this since I was… Read More


You have not lived until you’ve seen a Malay Liza Minnelli Look-Alike. . Topher


It seems that Malaysians are afraid of napkins. Almost every non-western influenced restaurant (which means any place with Good Food) does not provide napkins or tissues with the meal. Perhaps they think that their country will become a… Read More

Malaysian Pizza

You know that jarring stumble that happens when you get to the bottom of the stairs one step sooner than you expected? Yeah, so… There’s this little stall place nearby that makes pizza. It’s a nice looking place… Read More


Melaka was a hoot. It’s a very touristy place, in sharp contrast to Ipoh, which was just a back-water town. In Ipoh, my friends dragged me around to all their favorite haunts and tried to pass me off… Read More

Ipoh (Part 3)

We went and crawled around in some caves just outside of Ipoh. As we walked up to the caves, the tour guide guy gestured towards me and said to my companions, “I don’t speak English, so you have… Read More

Ipoh (Part 2) Revisited

It has been mentioned to me that my recent posts have not been as entertaining as my earlier posts. Yeah, I know. I’ll endeavor to imbue a significant amount of condensed entertainment into my future posts… HOWEVER —… Read More

Ipoh (Part 2)

It rained in Ipoh. No, no, no… I mean it RAINED in Ipoh. We were standing there sweating in the heat. It started raining. “Bah!” I said, “It’s just rain. I’ve seen rain.” 15 minutes later the waters… Read More