Category: Projects

Planning the Loft

I am building a loft in the study.  We have 10 foot high ceilings, which gives me a good amount of headspace to work with.  I’m planning to put my desk in the loft, and have the guest… Read More

My DIY SUP Racks

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a lot of fun.  We really enjoy getting out on one of the nearby lakes whenever we can.  But the boards are BIG.  Up till now we’ve been storing our boards at a self-storage… Read More

sam: Project Web Site Launched

I finally got the project web site for the Sam State Machine Engine project launched and added to the Xephyrus Labs index. Now I’m working on getting the version 2.0 functionality in place. You know, in my spare… Read More

sam: Penney’s Game

Let’s write a quick little version of Penney’s Game using the clever little state machine engine, sam.  Penney’s Game is a fun little bar game you can con your friends into playing to get them to pay for… Read More

sam: A State Machine Engine

Sam is a Java state machine engine.  I know, it sounds redundant putting that word engine after the word machine.  What I mean is it’s an engine for driving state machines. I’m going to assume you know what… Read More

sam: The (somewhat boring) PreStory

Way back when, in the olden days, the early ought days, the days when the memories of a big technology bubble were still fresh in my mind, I was racking my brain for something COOL to do.  I… Read More

The Dream of BookVault

Let me tell you a bit about my BookVault dream… Book databases are the bread and butter of Freshman year CS-101 Introduction to Computer Science.  It’s easy to correlate the logical structure with the real world, and everybody… Read More

Bian: Metrics Tracker

What am I doing starting another project?! Bah, I ask myself that every time I start something new.  Some projects are destined to be worked on indefinitely and some are fated for abandonment, a few even become completed. … Read More

Xenia: Wiring It All Up

The first thing I did this weekend was check the voltage on the new batteries.  They were each between 13.33 – 13.40.  I think at full charge they should be at about 16.92 volts, and fully depleted they’re… Read More

Xenia: Mounting the Motor

The folks over at really didn’t like my idea of using the casing of the old 500 watt motor as a bracket for the new little 2800 watt one.  So, I’ve been thinking about how to make… Read More