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On Ignoring Crazy Software Engineers

Let’s say you see a guy standing on the corner holding a sign that says, “W, X and Y are here! Z is coming!” Most of us would look away quickly for fear of accidentally catching the crazy… Read More

Thai Food vs Taiwanese Food

I overheard a conversation today at lunch between an Asian lady and her white guy friend. She was trying to explain to him that Thai food is not the same as Taiwanese food. And he just wasn’t getting… Read More

We’re All So Young

While I was in Malaysia last year I had several interesting conversations with some of my wife’s siblings.  One in particular has stuck in my mind. Ahbi and I were at a mamak stall near the house enjoying… Read More

“Video Games Ate My …”

Last weekend I accidentally gave a chubby Mexican kid who couldn’t put more than 2 words together at a time $10 in quarters to play a video game in a laundrymat because his curvaceous mom was wearing a… Read More

Whiteboards Whiteboards Everywhere But All “Do Not Erase”

Ight, this just kills me. Are you ready for this? Heh heh. Yeah, so, in this one building I frequent there is a conference room with a VLW (Very Large Whiteboard). On that whiteboard are all kinds of… Read More


So, Leigh had an “Oh My God I Get To Go To Singapore For A Whole Month” party a few weeks back. As usual, she was in hot pursuit of jumping pictures of all sorts. She’s there now…. Read More

This Honky White Boy

I often refer to myself as a “Honky White Boy.” Thus, my ass is, quite understandably, often quipped as my “Honky White Ass.” I attribute my fond embracement of my Honkiness to my father. See, my dad was… Read More

How To Be A Sexy Man

Gentlemen, I’ve learned a secret. Not just any secret. I’ve learned a secret that gets girls HOT. There’s no ingestion of any pharmaceuticals of any sort involved here and no shrubberies, herberies or highly concentrated powders. It has… Read More

I almost stepped on a hummingbird!

I was just walking around the building in which I work. It’s something I do sometimes on nice days to keep my brain from getting too irradiated from the 3 monitors which bombard it with all those speeding… Read More

The Ghost In The Men’s Room

The building in which I work has all automatic bathrooms. Like at the airport. You walk up to the toilet, do your thing and walk away. It flushes after you. You walk up to the sink, wave your… Read More