Category: Xenia: 1300 Watt Scooter

Xenia: Wiring It All Up

The first thing I did this weekend was check the voltage on the new batteries.  They were each between 13.33 – 13.40.  I think at full charge they should be at about 16.92 volts, and fully depleted they’re… Read More

Xenia: Mounting the Motor

The folks over at really didn’t like my idea of using the casing of the old 500 watt motor as a bracket for the new little 2800 watt one.  So, I’ve been thinking about how to make… Read More

Xenia: Parts Pix

I rather expected the new LiFePo batteries to be significantly smaller than the same capacity SLAs.  But they were only a little smaller. The charger, however, was significantly larger.  Heh heh. I didn’t expect the new Brushless motor… Read More

Xenia: Getting the Parts

It’s been a bit over two weeks now since I ordered all the parts for my 1300 watt stand-up scooter project. Most of the parts arrived within a few days of the initial order.  I have a nice… Read More

Xenia: 1300 Watt Stand-Up Scooter Project Kickoff

The Xenia project has been officially launched this weekend. Several months ago I picked up an old beat up and broken down X-Treme X-500 scooter.  It was in pretty bad shape.  The throttle had been smashed, the controller… Read More