Batch 171027

Batch Size
2 Gallons
Walker Farm’s 2017 Wildflower Honey
Mangrove Jack’s M27 Belgian Ale Yeast
Fermenting Temperature
76-77° F

This batch uses the Staggered Nutrient Additions technique on a 1 day schedule. This is my first batch using an SNA technique. Steve Piatz (of The Complete Guide to Making Mead fame) wrote up an excellent white-paper called Making Mead the Easy Way which describes the technique.

There is an effect common when adding the nutrients and degassing the fermenting must called geysering. It’s when the mazer (that’d be me) accidentally agitates the brew too much during the degassing causing it to foam and geyser out of the carboy like a baking soda and vinegar science fair volcano. I did that on the very first addition.


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