About Tozi

Tozi is my little home meadery.  As a homebrewer I can only produce small quantities for my own personal use.  I can’t sell it or bargain with it or anything like that.

I got into brewing by making a honey-based pro-biotic drink that I called Enzymel. It is just fruit, honey, water and whatever is floating in the air. It’s sweet and spritzy, like honey-fruit soda. It doesn’t take much imagination to start spiking something like that with vodka, rum or bourbon.  So the next logical step for me was to learn how to push the fermentation myself rather than spiking it.

The first year I started brewing meads I made about 16 batches, many of which were absolutely lousy. But that was ok, because I was exploring and testing and learning. Since then, I’ve made heaps of lousy mead. I would like to think my ratio of good to lousy is steadily improving as I learn and grow.